Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Positioning clients for long term success through clear goals & objectives

We deliver recognized business experts and demonstrated corporate experience from all levels of government and commercial organizations.

Our staff include former Senior Executive Service and DoD civilian leadership; military leaders; and top management consulting talent. They hold extensive knowledge of Organizational Strategy and Theory, Mathematics and Statistics; IT Management and Operations; Economics and Commercial Finance; Program Management; Human Resources; and Engineering.

We have developed comprehensive strategies for growth based on core competencies; systematically divested operations, business segments, and personnel; and assisted leaders to capitalize on their organizational assets.

We have provided strategies for defense and execution within the DoD Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) process, provided advisory assistance to large scale information technology deployments and data center construction and operations, and crafted innovative, integrated solutions for managing business operations

Our success in strategic support comes from addressing current needs with future solutions that provide enduring value. Our talents in business intelligence and execution as well as our partnerships with industry leading firms allow Atlas to surpass expectations and provide the best value for customers.

Atlas has Proven Experience Addressing Strategic Challenges and Opportunities, Positioning Clients for Success

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