Business Intelligence

BusinessĀ Intelligence

Ensuring decision quality information is timely & available

We bring together the core Business Intelligence (BI) pillars of Data Strategy, Data Analysis, and Decision Support.

Atlas consultants understand that organizations are overwhelmed with a never-ending flow of data. We help transition data to decision-quality information, providing decision makers with actionable intelligence.

Our approach is simpleā€“start by ensuring BI efforts are driven by business needs and are supported by an agile information technology infrastructure. We help clients cut through the noise of myriad data inputs by focusing on those data sources necessary to make the most critical business decisions.

Atlas works with our clients' IT departments ensuring a robust data architecture that meets the businesses' data strategy needs in a scalable and repeatable fashion. The result is a data environment that provides accurate, relevant, and timely information. We complement this capability with a highly experienced staff that provides rigorous data analysis.

Our decision support is the critical linkage between decision-quality analysis and decision implementation. Our breadth and depth of expertise allows us to translate data to information and provide the support when clients implement those decisions.

BI tools provide the report and metric outputs that allow decision makers to quickly understand and utilize the information provided. They can, in turn, leverage these tools to communicate to others the logic and rigor behind those business decisions.

Ensuring decision quality information is timely & available

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